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Marine Plywood
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Print out this form, fill out and fax or mail to us.
Marine Plywood by Homestead                      6910 C.R. 249            Vickery, Ohio 43464
Fax: 419-684-9712                                                                                        Phone: 419-684-5275
Species Description Size Piece
Thickness Total
Price per Sheet Total
 Total Pieces:                                            Cost per Board:                                                                         Sub-total:
 Shipping address:                                                                                                                                        Shipping / crating cost:
                                                                                                                                                                   sales tax if applicable:
Estimated weight:                                        Date of Payment:                                                                     Grand Total:
I have read and verified that all of the above information is correct and hereby give my approval to process this order.    Submission of this form along with down payment signifies agreement with the preceding terms.
Customer Name: __________________________ Customer Signature: __________________________ Date:______
  Phone 419-684-5275                               
Homestead Hardwoods                                          Fax 419-684-9712

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Name & daytime phone of contact person for delivery:___________________________________________________________________

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Delivery Acceptance Agreement

     Homestead Hardwoods aka Marine Plywood by Homestead or Homestead Doors is not responsible for damaged or missing goods due to carrier or off  loading negligence.
     The carrier who delivers merchandise to your door is responsible for loss and damages.
Acceptance of this shipment by you (payer) or your representative is acknowledgment to the transportation company that the articles delivered by them were complete and in good condition.

     Since we canít be there to unload, the burden of proof is on you (payer) to prove that goods became damaged or missing while in transit or at time of loading and not on your jobsite or at time of unloading. Any damaged or missing goods must be noted on the delivery ticket before delivery driver leaves your premises or you will have no chance of collecting damages from the carrier!

     Unless we have notified you of backorders assume all merchandise has been shipped.
You must supply manpower to unload the merchandise from truck. You must file all damage claims directly with the carrier. Any replacement goods and freight costs must be paid in full before re-shipping unless it is determined that Homestead Hardwoods was at fault.

Visible Damage:

  1. Have the delivery person note on the freight bill the nature and extent of the damage. You must have a damage or shortage notation on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery to support a claim with the carrier.
  2. Notify the transportation company office and have them send a representative out immediately for inspection.
  3. Do not destroy the box or packaging material, this may need to be inspected.

Concealed Damage:

       If the damage or shortage is not noticed until after the deliveryman has left then   
          you will not be able to collect damages from the freight company because
          there is no way to prove that the damage was the fault of the carrier.


I have read the above delivery acceptance instructions and agree to the terms. If I am not personally going to be there to unload the merchandise I will instruct my representative of these instructions.

Agree ______

     Digital photos of each shipment are taken so that we can count each sheet and determine thickness from the photo. If you have a shortage or discrepancy we can quickly let you know if it was our mistake or if goods became missing while in transit. If your delivery does not look like one of the below photos, then the carrier decided to disassemble the crate without our permission.

Small CrateLarge Crate
Small orders are shipped upright in a crate similar to this                                    Larger orders are shipped flat in a crate similar to this




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For direct ship orders:
-Use our online shopping cart to place your order
-Or if you prefer to call in your order use this number (419) 684-5275
-Or you can fax your order and credit card # to fax:(419) 684-9712
Do not email your credit card number

For direct ship quotes:
To generate an immediate quote including shipping please use our online shopping cart.
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Homestead Hardwoods
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