Teak Marine Grade Plywood

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Front of sheet #1

Front of sheet #2


Typical boat applications include cabinets and interiors.  It has also been used with good success for exterior applications such a boat decks,  as long as *finishing instructions are followed to a T, however no warranty is available for this application.

 *If you intend to use this on an exterior exposure application you must completely seal all edges and faces to keep water from penetrating into the plywood. 4 coats of Smith's clear penetrating epoxy (or equivalent) must be applied to all edges and 2 coats to both faces. A minimum of 10 coats of exterior varnish (Spar varnish or equivalent) must be applied to all edges with at least 6 coats applied to the good face and 2 coats on the back. No warranty is available and never use below the water line.
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